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Financial Pain in the ER

If you ever have a crash that lands you in the ER, be prepared for the pain - in your wallet. The latest ploy to separate you from your money is something called the “trauma activation fee”. Basically, it’s an admission charge assessed when you go through the front door of the hospital emergency room, billed on top of the actual costs for any medical services you might incur.

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The (Financial) Costs of a Cycling Injury

Cycling’s popularity continues to rise. Today, there are more than 66 million riders on roads, trails and tracks, and they ride for many reasons – exercise, sport, fun, commuting. As we’ve entered spring, I’ve seen more and more fellow riders enjoying the sport in my hometown. You see them whirring past you on the street, hear the bells dinging, and see bikes locked up outside of stores & restaurants. It’s the 21st century bike boom, and I for one love it. This certainly explains why cycling injuries are on the rise as well – there’s more of us. 

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