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Your riders aren't just customers. They're your friends & neighbors - and they're all a part of your community. When accidents happen, our program can help them catch their financial Balance.

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Ride Smart with Balance.


When your customers ride one of your community bicycles, Balance can help protect them from the financial consequences of an accident.

Every day, more riders are discovering your city on two wheels. But they're competing with cars, and often in unfamiliar territory. As cities and bikeshare systems grow, are you ready for accidents that occur?

That’s where Balance for Bikeshare comes in. We provide serious injury coverage for every rider, on every ride. The cost is embedded into each trip for just pennies per ride. If an accident occurs, you'll be making a difference in your rider's life with Balance.


Accident Coverage

Our program offers cash benefits to your bikeshare customers in the case of certain long and short term injuries.

Long Term Injuries

Up to $50,000 for life-altering injuries.

Short Term Injuries

Up to $24,550 for injuries requiring medical treatment.

Your benefits are  reduced by 50%  if you’re not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Our normal benefit reduction for riders without helmets is waived for bikeshare programs.

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State Availability

Bikeshare operators located in these states can offer Balance to their rental customers:


Don't see your state listed? Contact us and we’ll let you know when Balance for Bikeshare will be available in your area.


Request Info

Interested in our Balance for Bikeshare program? Call or send an email to provide us with more information on your community's Bikeshare program. We'll develop a customized quote for your program.

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