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General liability. Event cancellation protection. Cyber risk. Travel protection. If you can think of it, Balance can help protect it.

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Event Insurance Experts

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General Liability

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Event Cancellation Protection

Even the best planned events can face unforeseen obstacles. Disasters of all types, both man-made and natural, can interfere with your event being held. A canceled ride doesn't have to mean lost revenue - our cancellation coverage can help you prepare for events beyond your control.

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Cyber Liability Risk Insurance

It's a fact - 62% of all cyber breaches affect small businesses, even in the cycling world. Our Cyber Liability Insurance Solution built for Small Businesses can protect your business from an attack.


Whatever your insurance needs are, Balance has you covered. It's like a helmet for your wallet.


General Liability 

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Event Cancellation

Protect your ride, race or tour from events beyond your control. We can your associated costs and revenues such as travel expenses, venue costs, ticket sales and more.

What's Covered?*

More coverage options are available - contact us for details.

*Terms & conditions apply. For more detailed information, including benefits and exclusions, please visit our website or contact us.



 Cyber Liability Risk Insurance

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Whatever your insurance needs are, we'll make sure your protected with the right coverage. To find out what Balance can do for you, just send us an email or give us a call. We'll pick up the phone.

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