Benefits in Detail

Please note: other terms & conditions may apply. To obtain a sample policy, please contact us.

Short Term Injury Coverage


  • $300 per day of hospitalization for up to 60 days. (These hospital benefits do not include confinement in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital.)

Emergency Care Treatment

  • $300 per visit for treatment in an Emergency Room.

  • $150 per visit for treatment in an Urgent Care Center.

Physical Therapy

  • $75 per visit for up to 10 visits (requires initial treatment by a medical professional within 72 hours of the accident. Physical Therapy must begin within 60 days of the accident & treatment must be for the same injury caused by the accident.) 


  • Reimburses up to $500 to help offset the cost of a ground ambulance and/or up to $5,000 for transportation by air if required. Please note: this an “Excess Benefit” and is payable only to the extent that another health insurer or source doesn’t provide coverage.

Long Term Injury Coverage

Traumatic Brain Injury* (TBI)

  • 100% of benefit for severe TBI.

  • 50% of benefit for moderate TBI.


  • 100% of benefit for quadriplegia, hemiplegia or paraplegia.

  • 50% of benefit for uniplegia.

Accidental Death*

  • 100% of benefit.


  • 100% of benefit for loss of two hands, feet, or eyes.

  • 50% of benefit for loss of one hand, one foot, one eye, speech or hearing.

  • 25% of benefit for loss of thumb and index finger of the same hand.

    Short Term Injury Coverage benefits shown are payable in addition to any of the Long Term Injury Coverage benefits shown.

    All benefits are payable in addition to any other insurance the rider may have (except as noted for Ambulance).

    *View our definitions in the Info Center section of the website.

What's a "Long Term Acute Care Hospital"?

A Long Term Acute Care Hospital is a Hospital that provides specialized care, including - but not limited to - comprehensive rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, head trauma treatment, and pain management to patients who require extended recovery time, and has an average inpatient stay of 25 days or more.

What's an "Excess Benefit"?

Excess benefits pay when third party sources, like your primary health insurance, do not. Duplicating benefits would increase premiums. Our ambulance benefit pays up to $500 for ground or up to $5000 for air ambulance - but only the portion of the ambulance services bill not paid by your health insurance policy or reimbursed by any settlement you may receive if there is liability on the part of someone else.

For example: You receive a $10,000 bill for air ambulance services. Your health insurance pays $8,000. The maximum benefit available from Balance would be $2,000.

What's a "Qualifying TBI?"

We cover Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries. A concussion (mild TBI) generally will not meet the definition of a moderate or severe TBI under this policy. Covered Accidents involving a concussion may, however, be eligible for Short Term Injury Benefits.

An important measurement of the severity of a traumatic brain injury is a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) assessment. Read an article on our blog that explains the Glasgow Coma Scale.

Do You Insure My Bike?

We don’t offer coverage specifically for your bicycle. However, because there are no restrictions on how you use your benefits, you can use them to help repair or replace your bike.

Designating A Beneficiary

You can designate a beneficiary for any loss of life benefits. To designate a beneficiary, contact us at 804-273-9797 or email to to request the necessary form to complete and return. 

If no beneficiary is designated in writing, benefits will be paid in the following order:

  • Your lawful spouse if not legally separated or divorced;

  • In equal shares to your children;

  • In equal shares to your parents; or

  • your estate.

Why Do I Need More Insurance?

You probably have health insurance, and might have disability and life coverage as well. However, our program is built to cover the life changing injuries you face on a bike and help cover the gaps in your insurance plan(s). Read our article on why, for cyclists, health insurance isn’t enough.

What is "Surplus Lines" Tax?

Surplus Lines taxes and fees are charged by your state of residence on insurance transactions through non-US based insurers.  Balance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s so we must collect the applicable Surplus Lines taxes and fees to pay to your state of residence.

Pedego Customers 75 & Over

For Pedego customers ages 75 and over, the Long Term Injury Coverage benefit is limited to $25,000 Accidental Death Coverage only. Short Term Injury Coverage is not included.