Good planning and sustained, effective execution over time are the hallmarks of a member benefit communication strategy that works.  It’s not enough to send out an announcement and list the benefit on your website.  

We’ll work with you to develop and implement a thorough communications plan customized just for your club. We want to interact with your members in the same ways that you do. Simply put, our mutual goal is to make sure that every member is fully aware that because they are dues-paying members they can sign up for Balance at reduced, member-only group rates.

Generating “buzz” within the club is the key to success. Members talking with other members is the most important part of creating broad awareness and participation.

Encouraging discussions of how members of the club can best prepare for and share the financial burden in the event of a serious injury to a fellow member is not an easy topic.

Now that it is available through the club, voluntarily taking out insurance specifically designed for the risks cyclists face is the answer. Balance for Cyclists supplementary coverage provides a reliable, cost-effective alternative to the usual fundraisers and online crowdfunding accounts. The cost is insignificant compared to what we spend on cycling every year.

There are three distinct stages to the communication process:

Action Stages Cycling Clubs_3.png

This guide offers ideas for ways to tell your members about the Balance for Cyclists club benefit. We have also assembled sample communication materials that you can edit to personalize the messages.

We look forward to working closely with you to help your friends and fellow members protect themselves from the financial consequences of a crash. It’s not something anyone wants to think about but it is important. We are reminded of that every time we pay a claim.

Preparation copy.png

First of all, make sure the club leaders understand the program, and will actively support it.

A conference call with the club’s leaders would be a good way to explain Balance in detail and make sure everyone understands why it is an important benefit for club members.

Balance Phone_1.png


Plan the communication campaign.

Using our checklist as a template, together we’ll customize a plan for making your members aware of the availability of Balance for Cyclists at group rates. You can download our club communication plan here if you like.

Download the Checklist

Download the Checklist


Let’s share our logos with each other.

We need logos, graphics, and whatever else you normally use for branding. Any file format is fine - .AI, .SVG .PDF, .PNG, .JPG - whatever you use is what we use. Please send them by email to - he’s our creative type of guy, real swell human being. Great beard, too.

You can download our branding material here as well, in a few file types. You can access our branding material here.


Follow us on social media.

Get connected with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Follow us, and we’ll follow you back! This will help us connect your club and our program together in social media, which will be useful for the annoucement and reinforcement stages.


We build your club’s landing page, and provide you a unique “group code” for club members to access group prices.

We’ll create a a club-branded landing page for you. On this page, we’ll share your unique “group code” that members need to access club pricing. That code will be all over the page, can’t miss it.

To help explain some custom materials, we’ve created Steady Cycling Club. (It doesn’t exist. We made it up to show you “live” examples.) They’ll keep popping from time to time in this guide.


Want to see a sample microsite in action? Take a look at the   microsite for Steady Cycling Club.

Want to see a sample microsite in action? Take a look at the microsite for Steady Cycling Club.


Collaborate to draft the program announcement and other member communications.

The goal is to communicate a clear message – that there is a new member benefit, what that benefit is, and that it is available at a group rate for club members. We’ve provided some sample language here, you can use this or customize to reflect the voice of your club. 


We'll draft advertising material for you.

We’ll also develop custom advertising material for ongoing use. These materials will be in a variety of forms, and you can use some or all of them during the announcement in reinforcement stages. Members will have access to your microsite and group code. Let’s visit some materials for Steady Cycling Club:

Customized Brochure: An in depth review of the program, built specifically for email. You can distribute via print or email, whatever is best for you.

Card Handout: A small card that fits in a jersey pocket, great for handing out at a club ride or function.

Social Advertising: We’ll announce that your club is partnered with Balance to our friends on social media, and bring them to your website. We’ll also share your content.

Print & Web: We can make advertisements for your members to your specifications. Please send your file requirements to, and he’ll draw something up for you.

Looking for something a little different? We can certainly build anything you need that suits your audience. Just let us know.

Announcement copy.png

OK, now it’s time to share your new club benefit with the membership! There are multiple way to make the initial announcement, and to make sure members are fully aware of the new club benefit’s value, it’s important to let them see the announcement more than once and in as many ways as possible.

You can:

  • Email a benefit announcement to your members. Make sure to include your microsite address and group code. See our sample announcement letter for ideas on what to say, but use your own voice. Include your customized brochure as an attachment or link to your webpage for download.

  • Use social media posts to tell your members.

  • If you blog, write a short article announcing the new membership benefit.

  • Add a program link to your website, in a place where it will get good visibility.

  • Distribute brochures and/or card handouts at club meetups. Is it old fashioned? Yes. Does it still work? Yes!

And we’ll do this:

  • Announce on our social media that we’re proud to partner with your club, and put a link to your club’s site.

  • Provide you with printed brochures and/or card handouts.

  • Add your club’s link on our website, in our “friends'“ section.

  • Be available to answer any questions members may have.

Reinforcement copy.png

We’ve announced the new benefit, but there’s still much to do to make sure it’s useful to your members. They should be reminded from time to time that Balance is available at discounted rates, as it often takes more than one view for your members to really understand the program’s value. Also, new members will need to be made aware. Over the course of the next year, we suggest doing some or all of the following:

Schedule regular reminders by email. This can be an a monthly newsletter or something similar. Need content? Check out our blog, where we have great information on cycling, safety and insurance. We’re happy to share.

Obtain opt-in member emails for direct communication from us.

Tell your new members. We’re pretty sure that they would be interested in our program. You can include your customized brochure in a welcome package, our we can build something else for you. If you don’t let them know, they can’t take advantage of your member benefit.

Mention us at club functions. Are you riding smart with Balance, but your cycling buddy isn’t? Let them know about the program. Better yet, hand out one of our cards before or after a ride. It’ll fit in a jersey pocket.

Tell us what’s going on at your club, so we can share it. We want to share the cool things your club is doing, let us know so we can tell our friends on social media!