Balance Insures Pedego

Now your Pedego customers can ride smart with Balance. It's group personal accident insurance on all of your rentals.

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It's like a helmet for their wallets.


When your customers ride a Pedego, Balance can help protect them from the financial consequences of an accident.

If one of your customers suffers an injury, do you really want to tell them “Tough luck. You signed a waiver”? Of course not. Instead, with Balance insurance, they could be getting a check to help them and their families cope with the financial consequences of that covered accident – because you chose to insure them.

Balance provides supplemental funds – up to $50,000, paid directly to your injured customer, over and above any health or other insurance they may have – to use as needed, for example to help offset today’s high deductibles or for other recovery costs that even the best health insurance may not cover.


Accident Coverage

Our program offers cash benefits to Pedego rental customers in the case of certain long and short term injuries.

Long Term Injuries

Up to $50,000 for life-altering injuries.

Short Term Injuries

Up to $24,550 for injuries requiring medical treatment.

Your benefits are  reduced by 50%  if you’re not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Rider benefits are reduced by 50% if not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

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State Availability

Pedego stores in these states can offer Balance to their rental customers:


Don't see your state listed? Contact us and we’ll let you know when Balance for Pedego will be available in your area.



$1.50 | Half Day
$3 | Full Day
$15 | Weekly
$30 | Monthly

Based on “blanket” coverage, meaning all customers are automatically insured and the premium is included in their rental charge. Applicable states taxes not included.

Simply contact us and we'll get your Pedego customers in Balance.

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